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Thank you for visiting Tesoro Photography.  My name is Jonathan Pedroni.  In Italian the word tesoro translates as treasure. That idea is how I approach every photo opportunity- I want it to be treasured by the viewer.  Whether it is the moment after "I do", parents looking at the new addition to their family, or a student who is preparing for a major change in their life.  These are all important moments in life, and ones that will be looked at years from now as a Treasure.

This website is currently under construction, and this is a bad picture I took of myself in a mirror.  Changes and updates will be coming all the time... including a better picture of myself.

<b> I appreciate you coming by.  Please contact me at <u>tesorophoto@mac.com</u> if you have any questions.</b>

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Jonathan Pedroni

Capturing priceless moments to be treasured for a lifetime.